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Season 3 is out now!

Immerse yourself in a true off-road experience with the Harley-Davidson® Pan America™ and our Where The Dirt Takes Me experience.

We follow 15 riders as they explore tropical North Queensland and take the Harley-Davidson® Pan America™ into its natural habitat.

Join the action across 3 packed episodes as we track the team across some epic tracks, trails, and plenty of river crossings.

Season 1

Episode 1

In episode one, we follow four-time Supercars Champion, Craig Lowndes as he and the gang make the journey from Cape York Motorcycle Adventures homebase on the fringes of Cairns, west over Black Mountain and through the red dust of the old gold mine region, before setting up camp at Palmer River under the stars. Rock-spray-sandwiches, monster pythons, torrential rain, and swimming Pan Americas™, were just some of the items on the menu in an action-packed first day.

Episode 2

You’re used to seeing his huge grin selling you the weekend weather on Channel 7’s Sunrise, but James Tobin traded in the barometric pressure charts and weather predictions for roost, red dust, waterfalls and the iconic Daintree Rainforest as he leads us through day two of our epic adventure. River crossings, axle-deep soft sand and long hot, dry and dusty sections greeted JT and the team as they crossed back East from Palmer River, through Laura and back to the coast in Cooktown on day 2.

Episode 3

Professional freestyle motocross rider and Harley-Davidson® ambassador, Emma McFerran takes the lead in episode 3, as she shows that while she may have been the smallest in stature on the ride, she was one of the biggest on talent, as she continued to carve up the blokes and the North-Queensland countryside on the Pan America™. A night at the Lion’s Den – Australia’s longest licensed pub, our first crocodile sighting, and some of the most beautiful rainforest and coastline in the world (along with a roost on the beach!), were all a fitting end to the trip for Emma and the crew.

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Season 2

Episode 1 — Axel Whitehead

On this episode of Where The Dirt Takes Me, Axel Whitehead takes us through the greatest ride he’s ever been on. He breaks down the capabilities of the Pan America™ and how it inspires confidence for new off-road riders.


Episode 2 — Blair Freeth

Blair Freeth, owner of Adelaide Harley-Davidson® Bike Works and all-round legend takes us through his experience on the Where There Dirt Takes Me journey and how the Pan America™’s hidden features can tackle any terrain in Australia.

Episode 3 — Chay Alcock

We catch up with Chay Alcock, General Manager of Motorcycle Holdings as he talks us through his first adventure ride on the Pan America™. See how the bike holds up for first time Adventure riders and how much fun you can have on 2 wheels!


Episode 4 — Dallas Hood

Dallas Hood, owner and DP of Bundaberg Harley-Davidson® and experienced Pan-America™ rider of over 10,000kms takes us through the Bloomfield track in Far North Queensland as he tackles creek crossings, crocs and more!

Episode 5 — Greg Ryan

On this episode of Where The Dirt Takes Me, we catch up with Greg Ryan, Group Sales Manager for Fraser Motorcycles and Harley-Davidson® veteran as he talks us through the Pan America’s™ capabilities both on and off-road.

Episode 6 — Mick Sinclair

Mick Sinclair, Marketing Manager of Harley Heaven and experienced off-road shredder takes us through his experience on Where The Dirt Takes Me, pushing the Pan-America™ to its limits as he throws everything at it!

Episode 7 — Mike Smith

We get the thoughts of Mike Smith, long time Harley-Davidson® owner and first time Pan-America rider as he compares the Pan-America to other adventure bikes he has owned.

Episode 8 — Nick Xenofos

Harley-Davidson® owner, Nick Xenofos talks us through wanting to get off the tarmac into more adventure riding and how the Pan America’s features make the transition to off-road easy!

Episode 9 — Peter & Barry

On this episode of Where The Dirt Takes Me, Barry Sproule of Road & Sport Harley-Davidson® brings long-time Harley-Davidson® owner Peter Kivell along for some off-road adventure riding in Far North Queensland. We get their thoughts on the Pan-America™ and how the bike is the perfect multi-tool to tackle road and dirt.

Episode 10 — Rod Jones

Harley-Davidson® customer Rod Jones talks us through being a novice off-road rider and how the Pan America™ inspires confidence in new adventure riders.

Season 3

Join us for the third iteration of Where The Dirt Takes Me as we gear up our network of Harley-Davidson® Dealers to test the limits of the Pan America™ in stunning Bright, Victoria.