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Explore H-D® with Free Rider the Series

Ever wondered what your motorcycle looks like when it arrives from the factory or dreamt of a Harley Unboxing? Heard about the new Rev Max™ motors giving Harley-Davidson® 120~150 Horsepower out of the crate but want to learn more? Seen Harley Baggers ripping around tracks at stratospheric speeds and wondered if yours can be made to do the same? Well then, we’ve made the Free Rider series just for you!

Watch Free Rider, as we drop an episode per week, and get the low down on new models from Harley-Davidson® motorcycles, see celebrity ride interviews and enjoy behind the scenes of the custom work on Dave’s own Road Glide™ Special. Follow the series for your chance to WIN H-D® Merchandise vouchers and more.

Informative, beautifully shot and stunning, Free Rider is everything we love about Harley-Davidson® and the free riding lifestyle.

Authentic heritage meets modern technology for power, style, and the unadulterated riding experience.

Episode 1

Unboxing Dave’s Road Glide™ Special

In this episode we see the unboxing of Dave’s Road Glide™ Special, get a glimpse of what it looks like when your new bike arrives and what it takes to get your brand-new Harley® on the road.

See Dave’s custom work inspired by the Bagger Racing league and what they have planned for his dream ride using genuine H-D® performance parts.

Episode 2

Epic Torque, the Sportster™ S

The future looks bright for one of Harley-Davidson’s longest running nameplates, but it’s going to have to hold up to some pretty serious scrutiny.

The good news is it really feels like you’re sitting on a rocket when you’re opening it up off the line, it’s got modern tech, and the ergonomics work – remember, Dave’s not a little guy.

Episode 3

Pan America™ loves Australia

Dave throws a leg over the new Pan America™ and introduces his first guest for the Free Rider series, television star and adventure enthusiast Locklan ‘Locky’ Gilbert.

Get the low down on Locky’s love of adventure and base jumping. On the bikes, the pair navigate winding roads, showcasing the best of the Pan America™ whilst capturing the true spirit of riding with a friend.

Episode 4

Building a Performance Weapon

DG begins his journey to turn his Road Glide™ Special into a performance weapon ready for the track, with a Stage 1 Screamin’ Eagle heavy breather and performance muffler.

See the technical process to fit the parts & accessories and understand what each component does. Dave’s Road Glide Special gets a lot louder!

Episode 5

Breakout™ — Long, Lean, & Mean

Watch Free Rider Episode 5 to find out all about the Softail family and the Breakout™ in particular. Dave takes us through the history and specifications of the 2022 Breakout and Milwaukee-Eight engine.

Dave then gets out for a ride on the Breakout™ on his local roads and tells us what he loves most about the bike.

Episode 6

DG Interviews Danielle Cormack

Dave takes Harley-Davidson® ANZ Ambassador Danielle Cormack out for a ride on a couple of Fat Bobs to all his local Western Australia haunts.

On the road, they discuss her life as an actor and all things Harley-Davidson®. Danielle opens up about her charity work and what makes her tick.

Authentic heritage meets modern technology for power, style, and the unadulterated riding experience.

Episode 7


In the latest Free Rider instalment, DG continues his custom series to turn his Road Glide™ Special into a performance bagger – this time, by fitting a Screamin’ Eagle Milwaukee Eight™ Stage 2 cam kit.

Dave pulls out the big guns and helps teach technician Andrew by cutting his own push rods, before the two put the Special through its paces on the dyno and tune it up!

Episode 8


In episode 8 of Free Rider, Dave Genat gets up close and personal with one of the newest arrivals to the H-D line-up: the Pan America™ 1250 Special.

From the innovative liquid-cooled Revolution™ Max 1250 engine, to the groundbreaking Adaptive Ride Height suspension system, DG breaks down what makes the Pan Am such a dream to ride.

Episode 9


In episode 9 of Free Rider, DG catches up with fellow Australian Survivor alumni, Luke Toki, to chat about all things Harley-Davidson®.

The pair go for a ride on a couple of Fat Boys™ and Dave discovers how Luke got his start in TV.

Episode 10


In episode 10 of Free Rider DG takes us through the LiveWire™. He looks at the tech, the efficiency, the blistering performance, and even interviews a current owner — Michael Davis.

The electric revolution is coming, and the LiveWire™ gives us a glimpse of what that future could look like.

Episode 11


It’s the penultimate episode, and Dave Genat has something special in store!

In the latest Free Rider ep, DG catches up with actor, musician and presenter, Axle Whitehead, as the two revheads discuss Axle’s career, his lifelong love of music, and of course, their shared passion for Harley-Davidson®.

Episode 12


It’s here – the final episode of Free Rider Season One!

In this ep, DG completes the last upgrade (for now) to his Road Glide™ Special bagger, the suspension. He discusses the importance of good suspension, how easy it is to tweak for your ride, before he hits the track to put it through its paces.

Free Rider Host

Dave Genat

David Genat, television and fashion personality and lovable motorcycle larrikin, is our local Australian guide to the Harley-Davidson® Free Rider series, asking the questions, exploring the tech and making the modifications you’ve always wanted.

David has owned and ridden all makes and models of motorcycles, traveling across the United States, Australia and Europe on 2 wheels. He is the proud holder of an Iron Butt certificate (1000 miles in under 24 hours), dabbled in amateur racing, adventure touring, dirt riding and now has found his home as a Harley-Davidson ANZ ambassador, and the proud owner of a Harley-Davidson® Road Glide™ Special!